Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Aroha and Aloha

The temperature is now a good 10 to 15 degrees warmer than when I left New Zealand, which by the way, was without a great deal of planning. I am usually thinking of the islands at this time of year, and it was fortunate that a good friend happened to be in the middle of hectic property development chaos, and really needed my help. Work being slow in New Zealand at this time of year means here I am! The refreshing trade winds rustling palm trees, my trusty laptop piggy backing on someone's wireless network, and my blogging carries on at the further end of Polynesia. Warm water. Great surf. Aloha spirit.

I don't consider myself an impulsive person, but I do like to have the flexibility to respond when opportunities arise, particularly when they are in places I love, doing work I enjoy, and well, yes getting paid for it as well is certainly a bonus. Funny that it isn't the most important part of the decision making process anymore, and probably should be...but so many other factors are involved. Health. Friendships. Adventure. All big deals for me.

One of the new occupants of the complex I am working on is a lifetime mathemetician, spending hours at his computer working out formulas on.. well, just about everything. He has a nice kayak and little trailer sailer that I want to get out on soon, but I am hopelessly fascinated by his theories of monetary complexities and investment models. Yes, I found out early today as I was in the middle of installing irrigation systems that gold has hit a 25 year high, reaching $US700. Terrific. Titanium is up as well, and the US dollar will be worth very little once Asia has its own currency, and the Euro stays strong. Actually, I would rather be surfing, but it does make one think about where to be when the s**t hits the fan soon. And I must say, I believe it will. His colourful graphs are kind of cool as well. They do show a real "trendency", which is a term entirely suitable for the situation. Being a trader in words, naturally I said "invest in that, why don't ya"?

" A rich man is not one who the one who has the most, but the one who needs the least".

So, Keith Richards falls out of a coconut tree in Fiji and needs brain surgery, 2 miners are trapped underground for 14 days in Tasmania and are rescued, the New Zealand government breaks up its monopolistic Telco and promises faster and cheaper broadband, US schools must stop selling coke etc in schools, and another CIA director quits ("I Know Nothing..."). All of which I had found interesting links to share from various media; but lo and behold dear reader at the present time, that is not possible. My wireless connection here on the outskirts of Kailua, amongst the flowering jacarandas and flame trees, and the vast warm Pacific is erratic at best. But hey, I made the effort to post and and share, and will continue to as long as I am able with merry tales of the eccentric and tropical. Both of which I seem to be heavily involved with.


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